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Cinematic a Stunning New Mobile Reponsive Website Template.

Ready for Mobile, tablets and desktops, at all resolutions Cinematic is loaded with features, coolness, new stuff, cool stuff that will impress your visitor and keep them engaged with your website.

What's New

Here’s a short list of our newest items and updates, including Page speed, Skrollr, Morphtext, and Video. Check out what's new and see for yourself.

The fastest way to create your new and awesome website

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Mobile Friendly

Mobile and Desktop Responsive

Optimized for Mobile Devices ... too!

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to choose Cinematic :

Optimized for Mobile Devices ... too!

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to choose Cinematic :


Handy code snippets ready to use in your pages


671 Fontawesome Icons


6 Heading Variations


8 Different Backgrounds


21 Carousels



Our templates are available in three different price packages.


4-6 pages


Full Site


Full Site Plus++

We offer our templates in 3 different package configurations, the Basic, the Standard and the Pro packages. Each package contains different types of page layouts you can use to build your website.

The Basic package contains 3 variations of your ‘Home’ page and a few additional layouts to get started with.

The Standard package includes the samd as the Basic package, as well as 12 additional layouts tthat complete the small website and give you enough to build a small website with.

The Pro package contains even more layouts and components and allow you to create many more unique pages with specific layouts and image components.



Best in Class Documentation

Text documentation with screenshots is helpful (for those that like to read) and we provide just such information, but we like to take it a step further and provide video walkthroughs and demonstrations for those who find ‘video’ a much more user friendly experience.

see all our template features here...

Best in Class Support

Direct contact with the designers and developers! Not a support forum, but your own ticket center that gives you direct contact with the folks who designed your template.


Quality Documentation

provided in both print and video

RASA comes with a very extensive and as thorough as possible documentation where each section of the theme and its features are described in a easy way to understand, it also comes with a lot of screenshots to help you. If the documentation is not enough contact us on our support forum.


Real Human Support

no mystery robots here

The services and support you recieve with your Rasa template is provided by the same people who designed and built your template. You recieve first hand, one on one human support. We provide a fantastic ticket center so you can contact us directly and keep track of all our communications.


Custom Services

need some tweaking

Love the template but not finding the right theme or colors, just contact us and we'll see what we can do to help! We'd love to fill the online catalog with every theme idea possible, and seeing as how we can't we've always offered to replace the images in your template for no charge.


Rasa Specific Help

a little one on one

We're adding more and more bells and whistles to our templates. Some customer will make use of them, and for others, it's just too much. Not a problem you can have your cake an eat it too. We include template specific documentation that talks about each page and component, how to use it or remove it.