Cherry Hill Construction

Full service rehabs, build-outs and more.


Office Build-Outs

Cherry Hill Construction is well versed in office space creation. Let us give you a plan that works for your business.

Built to Your Style

Looking for something modern? Classic? Contemporary? Through our Interiors division, we can design that perfect space for you.


Special items created in our own workshop to fit your home or office. Our furniture builders can come up with a design that fits your style and budget.


Looking for a quote on a remodeling project in your home? Give us a call and let us show you the Cherry Hill advantage.

Floorplan Design

We can work with you to design a great floorplan for your room or offices. We can work within the current space, or make suggestions on a complete overhaul.

Other Services Available

The Cherry Hill Companies can help you with landscape design and care, interior design, and so much more!

Residential Spaces

Our interior designers can help turn a room that you hate into a room you love!

We love helping homeowners get out of their ruts with color selections, furniture and layouts that will make your room a showpiece.

Call today to set up a time for a consultant to visit your home



Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have their own challenges.

Whether you are looking for a clubhouse remodel or a new office space layout, we can help.

Let our experts put together a plan for you that fits the budget, yet looks amazing. From designing the furniture plan, to construction to finishes, Cherry Hill Construction is the company you have been looking for.




Have an empty space that needs to have a building plan completed? Need a workable furniture plan for your current office?

Cherry Hill Construction will put together a great plan for your property. It will show any items you are hoping for, either now or in the future.

Our prices are reasonable and we can always do the job in phases over many years. The choice is yours!.



Don't go it alone.

Build-Outs, Remodels, Rental Rehabs and Flips.

Let Cherry Hill Construction create your perfect space.

Your time is important to you. Leave the construction, interior design, furniture selection, staging and more to us.

The Cherry Hill Companies are a great starting point for all your property needs.

The Cherry Hill Companies Total Solution Package.

Our approach is based on the "3 P's" model.

People, Process and Product

Cherry Hill knows that people are our most important asset. Whether a client or an employee, we know that people truly are the part that really matters. We will always strive to make sure the relationship between you and Cherry Hill is always a positive one.

Our processes help us make sure that our scheduling, billing and payment options are the easiest in the business.

Of course, our product is your happiness. It is important that each of our divisions provide the best product at the most affordable price. Your recommendations to others and return business are our lifeblood and we will always strive to make sure you are part of our family.