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Cherry Hill Salvage



Windows, doors, mouldings, floors and more. Our ever-changing inventory is a designer's dream!

Reclaimed Furniture

Experience the re-birth of furniture, refreshed and refined to fit your space. Custom pieces available, just let us know what you are looking for.


Antique light fixtures, hardware and furniture brought to you at reasonable prices!

Don't go it alone.

Recycled, Refreshed and Renewed Design, Furniture and Artwork.

Let Cherry Hill Interiors and Cherry Hill Salvage help you find that piece you have been looking for.

The Cherry Hill Companies Total Solution Package.

Our approach is based on the "3 P's" model.

People, Process and Product

Cherry Hill knows that people are our most important asset. Whether a client or an employee, we know that people truly are the part that really matters. We will always strive to make sure the relationship between you and Cherry Hill is always a positive one.

Our processes help us make sure that our scheduling, billing and payment options are the easiest in the business.

Of course, our product is your happiness. It is important that each of our divisions provide the best product at the most affordable price. Your recommendations to others and return business are our lifeblood and we will always strive to make sure you are part of our family.